About TheInsideWaiter.


Have you ever read a New York Times review of your restaurant, and found yourself thinking, “Where the hell was Sam Sifton  eating that night? The restaurant I work in isn’t  like that at all.”?

Any yet, you know he was there, because you’re  the waiter in the review.  And you know that the plum sorbet in question wasn’t even “plum” (the runner fucked it up); it was really a rum-spiced pear.  Any by the way, isn’t it a little strange that Sifton didn’t notice Barbara Walters sitting at table “2.”?

We at TheInsideWaiter believe the people who are truly in the know about food and dining culture, are the professionals working in New York’s restaurants: waiters. A food critic’s job is to sell papers. A waiter’s job is to know and taste the food each night, to assist the Chef in blind fish-swap-out, and to face the real critic (Barbara Walters).

What truly is the best dish (and the most sent-back)?

How often does Chef swap Sole for Halibut?

And what did Barbara have to say about the strip (extra-well butterfly)?  

TheInsideWaiter dishes it to you, daily.


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