OVERHEARD: Freddie takes the subway?

4 Oct

Table 1, A husband and wife who definitely own a brownstone on the Upper-West Side, conversing over their mutual friend Freddie, who seems to be in a bit of a scrap, after his divorce from a younger woman. 

Wife: So how is Freddie?

Husband: It’s horrible. Last I heard he had to lay-off  his driver.

Wife: He what? You mean to tell me Freddie takes the subway?

Husband: I guess. I don’t know what he does. Walks?

Wife: He walks from 96th St. to Union Square? Come on. He takes the subway!

Husband: I guess he does.

Wife: My god. When was the last time you took the subway, 1922?

Husband: Very cute. 1972, thank you.


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